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Channel Management is probably the toughest sales assignment there is.

Are you confused where to start in (re)building your partner sales channel?

Are you frustrated by poor performance from the majority of your channel partners?

Are you struggling to scale via your channels, partnerships and alliances?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine a channel sales programme that allowed you to scale, predictably, rapidly, without the wheels coming off or making costly mistakes.

Imagine a channel that delivered at 200%+ compound year-on-year profitable sales growth.

Your peace of mind begins in the planning stage.

Create your vision and action plans. Establish benchmarks up front. Design your ideal partner before you start recruiting so when you see them you recognise them. No more recruiting by lottery. Identify the best structure to achieve your channel sales goals. Identify the skills, competencies & client base needed. Create and update partner avatars.

Design your ideal channel managers and channel chief. Create predictive hiring templates and job descriptions, effective on boarding plans to set each one up for success in the role for which you hire them.

Benchmark your existing channel account managers, channel leaders, partners to identify if they are fit for purpose, need training and development or need replacing. Define hiring and recruiting, training and coaching methods, and establish effective development plans to get the best out of each CAM and the best out of each partner.

Be guided by experienced channel development experts in a supportive environment where you can test ideas, practice safely and develop tailored processes for your exact needs to help you grow and be more effective. Measure what matters and stop wasting time measuring what doesn’t. Make reporting simple and meaningful for your own business and all your partners.

Settle into a regular rhythm of clearly organised learning to:

  • Build your strategy
  • Design and implement your structure
  • Develop powerful systems that help you manage hyper-growth without loss of control
  • Learn vital skills and turn them into lifetime habits
  • Hire the best channel sales professionals and set them up for success
  • Recruit a special forces unit of highly profitable, loyal, committed partners
  • Partners who deliver triple digit growth or higher year on year

Avoid 'The more, The merrier' trap of Channel building

Create a culture of mutual accountability and constructive conflict, managing disagreements to deliver significantly, consistently better outcomes for you and your partners
You enjoy the challenge of your training, the constant stimulation of your assignments and self-study. The personalised direction is invaluable. Better still you and your best partners co-develop your plans, achieve total alignment and help each other get better, make money and achieve your individual and mutual goals.

After training you are supported with online resources, regular team and individual coaching calls and you can track your progress and see your accomplishments in the results you help your partners deliver, and in turn get your personal and your business needs met.

Welcome to the Channel Sales Excellence experience.

We’d love for you to feel this way too.

Call Dave on +44 7773 397810 and we’ll help you get started.


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