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Berkshire | david.davies@sandler.com

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....that's what people tell me.

It's easy for you. They often remind me.

The truth could not be further from either of those statements.

I am not a natural salesperson. I am bashful, introverted, easily distracted, battle with nerves, not great in large crowds, my own worst critic…..

Now, I did recognise most of those personal traits quite early in my selling career. I recognised that if I did not put something in place that kept me going straight, I would quickly get found out.

Which is why I started gorging myself on sales books and learning everything I could about sales systems very early in my career.

I have employed them all at some point or other; the 'tried and tested' and the 'tired and testing'.

For the most part I found great success and when I didn't succeed I definitely learnt a lesson that helped me refine my system.

So, why should you have a system? (assuming you don’t)

Well, some of the benefits are:

 - You can maintain control over the process if you use a system that defines specific behaviours.
 -  You can save time if you use a system that enables you to qualify, and disqualify early.
 - You can stay on track if your system helps you develop an understanding with the prospect about what happens next and when.
 - You can recognize problems before they become major blockers.
 - You can focus your energy on your prospect in the moment, rather than worry about what comes next.
 - You can recognize and duplicate successful behaviours and cut out the unsuccessful behaviours with a selling system that has specific steps, giving you a running order. Saving you and your prospect time.
 - You can more easily strategise and debrief sales calls with your Manager or a colleague on specific action steps that are described in a specific and common language.
A system is replicable. You can apply it and learn from it every time.
 - You know where you are in the sales process at any given time.

I could not have functioned as a Salesperson without relying on a selling system.

The best Salespeople I have had the privilege to work with employ a selling system to get the most effective, efficient results and moreover consistent support from their Sales Coach.

My first Sales Coach and Mentor in the early 90's, Patrick, had a saying that stays with me to this very day.

"It's always, all good, moving forward!"

A selling system keeps me moving forward; with purpose and clarity.

If you want to learn more about the Sandler selling system and how it could work for you and your team then call us on 0118 969 1752 or eMail me at david.davies@sandler.com.




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