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Why Have a Sales System?

Join us at an Executive Briefing!

Learn to close more sales.

Are you wasting too much time, energy, and resources trying to convince people to buy your products and services?

Join us for an executive briefing to understand the differences between the buyer's sales system and the seller's system and start closing more business.

This is an interactive and collaborative session aimed at helping you understand what a different sales system could look like and how it can impact the performance of your business.  

Join Dave Davies at this session, designed for sales and business leaders that are typically:

  • Tired of hiring sales people that don't work out
  • Concerned that they seem to lose more sales opportunities than they win
  • Frustrated that they give a lot of free knowledge away in sales meetings
  • Worried that the only they way they seem to win new business is by discounting
  • Disappointed at the sheer amount of effort it takes to win new business

This interactive session will take place virtually on the DATE at TIME

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About Dave Davies

Dave Davies

In Sandler I work with ambitious CEOs, Sales Leaders and Channel Chiefs of Technology companies.

These Leaders recognize that success is not an outcome of building ‘bums on seats’ Sales Teams or an ‘Army’ of Channel Partners. They know that to achieve real success, either through Direct or Channel Sales, they need to form a ‘Special Forces’ unit.

The Special Forces units they form are manned with hand-picked personnel, specifically and specially designated, highly organized, trained and equipped to the highest standards, using unconventional sales tactics and techniques and modes of employment. They operate with seamless efficiency and effectiveness.

They work collaboratively with their Partners. Partners who share this common vision, goal clarity, and desire for seamless efficiency and high effectiveness.

I provide those CEOs, Sales Leaders and Channel Chiefs with a rock-solid framework, strategy and the tools to build, develop and scale sustainably world-class businesses.

I develop, with their Managers, the skills to recruit, onboard and retain teams that exceed performance expectations.

I develop, with their Revenue Teams, those unconventional sales tactics and techniques that makes sales effortless. Together we develop modes of deployment and employment of those tactics and techniques that achieve consistent, lasting success.

About Sandler Training

Sandler Training is the worldwide leader in sales and management training, with over 250 offices in nearly 30 countries. Our proved methodology and structures have been implemented by thousands of organisations, from blue-chip companies like Oracle, Salesforce and LinkedIn through to SMEs across the UK.

Our training and consulting has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes improve their fortunes and go on to greater success.