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Salespeople, the world over, spend entire careers avoiding making sales calls; especially cold calls.

Have you, or your team, ever put off prospecting tasks....and faced a performance crisis as a result?

You are not alone. The person who says they "like" making cold calls has probably never made any. No-one could "like" a process that creates such an opportunity for rejection.

Those who say they 'like' prospecting really mean this:

"I don't mind paying the price of prospecting to reach my goals."

Many people have not yet reached that stage. Are you still at the stage where prospecting means dialing numbers hoping the prospect is otherwise engaged? Don't worry, you're OK.

You just haven't learned to focus us on the end result....instead you are focused on the pain you feel doing what you have to do to get to get there.

Here are some quick tips to help taking the sting out of prospecting.

Focus on the end result - not what you need to do to get there
Remember prospecting is a selection process - No is OK, it is not personal
Cast your net - the more you 'fish', the better your chances of a 'catch'
You never have to like prospecting, you just have to do it!

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